Restoring Our Youth — Project Reclaim

Project Reclaim is a leadership training program for youth who may not be ordinarily selected for leadership training. Their focus is to provide the involved youth with the requisite skills to become successful, contributing members of society by helping them to be positive young leaders in their homes, schools and their community.

Ron Anderson is the Executive Director of Project Reclaim of Minden, Inc. which provides:

  • Juvenile delinquency prevention programs for youth
  • Parental involvement activities and parenting training

His public service awards include:

  • The National Conference of Community and Justice “Brotherhood/Sisterhood Humanitarian” Award
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield “Angel” Award Finalist
  • First recipient of the Volunteers for Youth Justice “Ron Anderson Champion for Youth” Award
  • Louisiana Association of Educators “Human and Civil Rights Trailblazer” Award
  • Shreveport, Louisiana Bar Association “Liberty Bell” Award
  • Twice named “One of the 10 Most Outstanding Leaders of the Community” by The Shreveport Times

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Next on the podcast, Tommy will interview John D. Kemp, a well-respected leader in the disability movement, and is known for his business achievements both in the corporate and non-profit worlds. As a person who uses four prostheses, he uses his experience with a disability to inspire others to achieve the impossible through knowledge, experience, vision, personality, and persistence. Tune in Friday, July 23 at 10am.

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