Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 6.4.2021

Meeting the Need – Nonprofit Resource Hub

NRH is a trade association whose mission is to serve, be a resource to, educate, and connect its members to the nonprofit community.

At the same time, NRH serves the nonprofit sector as a bridge connecting nonprofit organizations to each other and to helpful resources.

Danette O’Connell, the Co-Founder and President of the Nonprofit Resource Hub and the CEO of Triumph International. Her passion is helping both national and international NONPROFITS by providing expertise in growth, sustainability, strategic planning, operations, technology, and financial management.

She had been assisting organizations for over 20 years with her entrepreneurial spirit.

Watch Tommy’s interview with Dannette as it streamed on Facebook here.

Next week on the Philanthropy in Phocus video show, Erin Dinan from One Sandwich at a Time will be joining Tommy in the attic.

Inspired by an interaction with a hungry homeless person, Erin began making sandwiches and handing them to those in need. After a discussion with her friend and co-founder George Kontogiannis, One Sandwich at a Time was born.

Tune in Friday, June 11 to watch or listen.