Join Tommy D this Friday, May 20 at 10 AM Eastern (or watch later on your favorite podcast platform) when he interviews Kazz Alexander Pinkard, Executive Director of Hit the Books and Founding Consultant of Teachable NYC. According to its website, Hit the Books (“HTB”) aims to bring additional educational resources to underserved communities through a sports-based development approach, with tutoring and mentorship at its core and mixed martial arts as the ‘hook’. HTB serves as an after-school community center to facilitate career development and help make any and every goal achievable for its Students. Learn more about Hit the Books here. Teachable NYC is an online platform that allows its users to create online courses or coaching businesses with their all-in-one platform. Learn more about Teachable NYC here.

Listen to Tommy and Kazz’s interview live here.

Watch Tommy and Kazz’s interview live here.