Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 3.5.2021

Strong, Smart, and Bold with Girls Inc. of Long Island

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This week, Tommy interviewed Renee Daniel Flagler, covering exciting topics that relate to empowering young girls. Flagler is the Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Long Island, whose mission is to empower girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Renee is also an award-winning writer, adjunct professor, and speaker who is passionate about encouraging women and youth to pursue their passion and purpose. Renee advocates for youth both in the United States and abroad.

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Next week in the attic, Tommy will be interviewing Robert S. Budd, Chief Executive Officer of Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE). FREE is a not-for-profit agency that supports individuals of all abilities with community living opportunities, employment, day services, clinical, crisis, education, after-school and other supports.

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Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 2.26.2021

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How Nonprofit New York makes an Impact

Today’s guest is Taina Sanon, who’s the Programs Director of Nonprofit New York. We will discuss how Nonprofit New York Educates, Advocates & Networks on behalf of its 1700+ Nonprofit members.

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Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 2.19.2021

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An Inspiring & Motivating Conversation with Hey There Beautiful

Today Tommy D is joined in The Attic by Hey There Beautiful Foundation Founder & Executive Director Dailisha Rodriguez whose goal is to empower women and young girls with the confidence they seek in order to achieve success and abundance. Their vision is to provide support, connection, trust, inspiration and leadership skills. With workshops continually beautify communities while creating personal human connections to support empowering the world. They believe anything you can dream will flourish with hard work and perseverance.

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Next week, Taina Sanon of Nonprofit New York will join me in the attic.

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 2.12.2021

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Shawn Slevin started Swim Strong Foundation in 2006 to reduce unintended drowning by teaching water safety and swimming skill education. Swim Strong offers Learn to Swim (including Adaptive) through Competitive programs for ages 3 through Seniors. They have taught more than 10,000 students how to swim and given more than $1 Million in free swim lessons to families in need. 

Swim Strong’s newest offering is “Know Before You Go™” series of four environmentally focused water safety educational programs which may be taught in person, remotely or in blended fashion. Shawn is a passionate advocate for water safety and has been featured in two documentary films, many articles, tv and radio appearances and been recognized for her community work by several local civic and governmental agencies and nationally by USA Swimming Foundation.  

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 2.5.2021

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This week Tommy D meets with Sophie Dubuisson – State Director of Best Buddies of NY. They will be discussing Best Buddies Programs that serve the IDD (Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled) community and who they look to collaborate with and the future of the organization.

Best Buddies was originally founded by Anthony Kennedy Shriver at Georgetown University in 1987.

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 1.22.2021

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The Spirit of Huntington Arts Center is a nonprofit organization with a focus on serving 2 specific communities individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities(IDD) and veterans. They serve these communities through educational art classes and their unique ArtWorks program. ArtWorks is a program that provides technical training to prepare students for a career in digital arts.

Tommy D will lead us through a conversation with The Executive Director of the Spirit of Huntington, Michael Kitakis. As always, we will learn about the history of the organization, a deep dive into the programs, and the future of Spirit of Huntington.


Transitional Services for New York, Inc. is a comprehensive, community-based mental health organization located in New York City. We provide a continuum of rehabilitative services to enrich the lives of those recovering from mental illness and facilitate their transition to increased levels of independence.

Each year TSINY serves more than 4,000 NYC individuals going through mental health challenges.

This week on Philanthropy in Phocus, Tommy D will have the great opportunity to interview, Dr. Larry Grubler, CEO of TSINY. As always, during the discussion, we will talk about the history of the organization, the programs and how they address the needs of their constituents and stakeholders & What’s the future of TSINY and how do we address Ending the Stigma of Mental Health Conversation?

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You’re Invited: Long Island Imagine Awards, July 8, 2020 [Video]


The Long Island Imagine Awards, hailed as the “Academy Awards for Nonprofits” is the leading awards program recognizing innovation and leadership in the nonprofit sector on Long Island. This grant competition was established in 2012 by Ken Cerini, CPA, Managing Partner of Cerini and Associates, LLP. The Long Island Imagine Awards receives hundreds of applications each year from Long Island-based nonprofits who want to spotlight their innovation in programming, social impact and overall excellence. Winners are announced LIVE at the event after their video is premiered in front of an audience filled with over 400 supporters of the sector. Each finalist receives a complimentary video, and the winners receive a $5,000 grant to further fund their missions. Nearly $200,000 has been distributed since inception.  ​​