Tommy DiMisa: Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 7.30.2021

Tune into the Philanthropy in Phocus podcast this Friday, July 30, 2021 @10am Eastern when I’ll interview Clarissa Soto Josephs, Executive Director of Pentacle. Established in 1976, Pentacle is a not-for-profit management support organization for the performing arts. Pentacle has been a model in the arts administration field, enabling performing artists to focus on what they do best —create art and engage with audiences. As a not-for-profit management support organization for the performing arts, Pentacle designs and provides unique and robust programs of support for artists at critical stages in their careers.

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Tommy DiMisa: Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 7.16.2021

Restoring Our Youth — Project Reclaim

Project Reclaim is a leadership training program for youth who may not be ordinarily selected for leadership training. Their focus is to provide the involved youth with the requisite skills to become successful, contributing members of society by helping them to be positive young leaders in their homes, schools and their community.

Ron Anderson is the Executive Director of Project Reclaim of Minden, Inc. which provides:

  • Juvenile delinquency prevention programs for youth
  • Parental involvement activities and parenting training

His public service awards include:

  • The National Conference of Community and Justice “Brotherhood/Sisterhood Humanitarian” Award
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield “Angel” Award Finalist
  • First recipient of the Volunteers for Youth Justice “Ron Anderson Champion for Youth” Award
  • Louisiana Association of Educators “Human and Civil Rights Trailblazer” Award
  • Shreveport, Louisiana Bar Association “Liberty Bell” Award
  • Twice named “One of the 10 Most Outstanding Leaders of the Community” by The Shreveport Times

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Next on the podcast, Tommy will interview John D. Kemp, a well-respected leader in the disability movement, and is known for his business achievements both in the corporate and non-profit worlds. As a person who uses four prostheses, he uses his experience with a disability to inspire others to achieve the impossible through knowledge, experience, vision, personality, and persistence. Tune in Friday, July 23 at 10am.

Tommy DiMisa: Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 7.09.2021

Dr. James R. Powell, Jr., Chief Executive Officer for Long Island Select Healthcare, joined Tommy on the podcast.

Long Island Select Healthcare provides services to all of those who are in need of medical services, regardless of their ability to pay or if they need uninsured primary care services in Long Island, NY. The uninsured are charged for services on a board-approved program for sliding scale health services in Long Island, NY and Suffolk County, NY, which is based on a patient’s family income and size and we are also financed through a mix of Medicaid and Medicare. A large portion of our 6,000 patients served include Intellectual/Developmentally Disabled (ID/D) individuals. We provide primary, behavioral health, dental, specialty services and OT/PT/speech therapy within our organization. We are a Patient-Centered Medical Home that places focus not only on what our patients’ medical needs are but focus on the whole patient experience, seeking what barriers our patients may face that may negatively impact their outcomes. Through screenings such as PRAPARE, we will work with patients and assist with any linkage to resources that they may need to support their overall well-being.

Dr. James R. Powell, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer for LISH. Dr. Powell is a board-certified Internist as well as the Medical Director for both DDI and UCP of Suffolk.. He is currently on staff at Mather Memorial Hospital, St. Charles Hospital, and Peconic Bay Medical Center.

A former board member of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry, Dr. Powell has presented lectures nationwide in which he has championed the healthcare needs of the underserved. Thanks to LISH’s experience with a pre-COVID-19 telehealth program he has been quoted in journals and lectured on topics regarding virtual care and the need for long-term sustainability.

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Next week on the podcast, Ron Anderson of Project Reclaim will be joining Tommy in the attic. Project Reclaim operates a prevention-based after school program for teens, Life Skills workshops for elementary and middle school youth, and parent training and parental involvement activities for parents and guardians.

Fighting Against Suicide

Project Refit is a non-profit organization, focus and committed to combat isolation and change the negative connotation around mental health.

PR efforts are for military members (past/present) and first-responder along with their families. They have created a new strategy of the hybrid model, combine technology and in-person support to meet the modern military member and family where they are both online and off. They are confident that combating isolation will reduce suicide rates.

Watch Tommy’s interview from the attic with James Corbett, Co-Founder of Project Refit.

Next time on the podcast, Dr. James R Powell, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of LI Select Healthcare will be joining me in the attic on the podcast. Tune in Friday, July 9 at 10am Eastern.

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 6.25.2021

Bedtime, Books, and the Pajama Program

Genevieve Piturro, Founder of Pajama Program joined me in the attic on Friday, June 25. Genevieve Piturro was a TV executive in NYC for 20 years when a little girl’s question changed the course of her life – and she jumped off the corporate ladder. She began delivering pajamas and books to children in shelters and in 2001 founded Pajama Program, a national non-profit which is recognized for both its success – to date having delivered 7 million new pajamas and new books to children through its 63 chapters across the US – and Genevieve’s story.

From Genevieve: Finding Your Pajamas began when I made it my mission to get children across New York City a pair of pajamas. From there we expanded across the country! Before I began volunteering to read bedtime stories at shelters, I had no idea that tens of thousands of children were going to bed every night without pajamas. Once I knew, my heart seemed to know what to do.

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Next up in the attic will be James Corbett, Co-Founder of Project Refit. Project Refit believes combating isolation by building the community of the future will reduce suicide rates among the military and first responder communities. Tune in Friday, July 2 at 10am to learn more.

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 6.18.2021

Connecting with Career Day Inc.

Career Day Inc.™ organizes a program that aims to change the lives of young adults by introducing high school students to the paths others have taken to reach their career goals. By working in partnership with a variety of professionals and school staff, Career Day Inc.’s program creates an atmosphere of acceptance and opportunity for all students at every academic level.

Beth Bucheister (Executive Director/Board Chair) is the founder and Executive Director of Career Day Inc., a not-for-profit organization created to inspire young adults to reach high and believe that with endurance and positive self-esteem they can achieve their goals. Beth is a Certified Professional Coach who has been advocating for those in need all her adult life. Her ability to identify, prioritize and plan a positive course of action is a strength she uses as a Life Coach. Her late husband, Arie, is the inspiration for the scholarship awarded to students who are inspired by Career Day.

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Next week, check out the podcast when Genevieve Piturro, Founder of Pajama Program will be joining me in the attic. Pajama Program is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes and supports a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep for all children to help them thrive. Tune in Friday, June 25 at 10am.

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 6.11.2021

Combating Hunger One Sandwich at a Time

One Sandwich at a Time is a nonprofit organization with a mission to combat hunger and homelessness through volunteerism, kindness, compassion, and our two hands! It is the simple action of making a sandwich that creates a ripple effect of change.

Erin Dinan is from Chicago and went to college at Auburn University and graduate school at Harvard University. She moved to NYC to pursue photography and one night, while going through a personal struggle, said a prayer for guidance, to make a change in this world that can help those in need.

Shortly after, while running through Grand Central Station to catch the last train, she shared her sandwich with a man who was hungry. This eventually led to One Sandwich at a Time!

Dinan lives in NYC and loves art, travel (have been to over 30 countries!), family/friends, and humanity. They are her greatest passions!

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Next week, Beth Bucheister, Executive Director of Career Day Inc., will be joining Tommy in the attic. Career Day Inc. inspires young HS students by bringing in people to talk about a variety of careers.

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 6.4.2021

Meeting the Need – Nonprofit Resource Hub

NRH is a trade association whose mission is to serve, be a resource to, educate, and connect its members to the nonprofit community.

At the same time, NRH serves the nonprofit sector as a bridge connecting nonprofit organizations to each other and to helpful resources.

Danette O’Connell, the Co-Founder and President of the Nonprofit Resource Hub and the CEO of Triumph International. Her passion is helping both national and international NONPROFITS by providing expertise in growth, sustainability, strategic planning, operations, technology, and financial management.

She had been assisting organizations for over 20 years with her entrepreneurial spirit.

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Next week on the Philanthropy in Phocus video show, Erin Dinan from One Sandwich at a Time will be joining Tommy in the attic.

Inspired by an interaction with a hungry homeless person, Erin began making sandwiches and handing them to those in need. After a discussion with her friend and co-founder George Kontogiannis, One Sandwich at a Time was born.

Tune in Friday, June 11 to watch or listen.

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 5.28.2021

Find Comfort with Solace House

At Solace House, their services include free, easily accessible counseling and support for individuals who are experiencing suicidal distress, have made a suicide attempt, engage in self-harm and/or have been bereaved by suicide.

They also offer Family Support for our clients’ loved ones, group bereavement counseling and community awareness workshops. All of the programs provided are completely free of charge, confidential and conducted by highly qualified Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Danielle came to Solace House in 2017 after working on the Communications and Development team at the Center Against Domestic Violence (CADV), a non-profit providing shelter for survivors of domestic violence. Danielle’s role at CADV supported the organization’s fundraising/development, events, marketing, communications and outreach efforts. While at CADV, she participated on Cities for CEDAW, New York City Steering Committee. Along with representatives from multiple New York City organizations, she advocated for a local women’s bill of rights ordinance based on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Connector.

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Next week in the attic, Danette OConnell of the Nonprofit Resource Hub will be joining Tommy. Tune in Friday, June 4 at 10am.

Philanthropy in Phocus – Recap & Announcement 5.21.2021

Story Hour With The Book Fairies

The Book Fairies is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that collects reading materials for people in need throughout metropolitan New York. The reading materials foster literacy and academic success, provide a respite from personal struggles, and nurture a love of reading across age groups.

Amy Zaslansky is the founder of The Book Fairies, a nonprofit organization that provides books to people in need across metropolitan New York. Since its inception in 2012, The Book Fairies has donated more than 2.7 million books to underserved schools and nonprofit organizations including hospitals, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and correctional facilities. Amy, a lifelong avid reader and lover of books.

She is a Maryland native, graduated from Emory University with a BA in Psychology and earned her MS in Occupational Therapy from Temple University. Her earlier careers included being an Occupational Therapist, and operating an e-commerce site. Amy resides on Long Island with her husband, three children, and a small menagerie of pets.

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Next week, Solace House will join me in the attic for an interview. Solace House’s goal is to make talking about not being okay, okay. At Solace House, their mission to provide free, accessible, professional counseling and support services to anyone in emotional crisis.