7 Tips To Master Virtual Networking

So much of networking is personal, and networkers like me now have to figure out how to do that from a distance. How does a person stay top-of-mind in a pandemic? How can professionals stay connected with the centers-of-influence when everything is on pause? I’ve put together seven quick points that I think will be useful to anyone asking those questions. 

  1. Analyze who your top 25 connections or centers of influence are. Determine that list of people and then create a plan. How can you add value? How can you add massive service to these people in these challenging times? How can you be a resource? How can you teach them about topics they may not be aware of that would benefit their business?
  2. Launch a one-on-one call. Do this with people you have not connected with, or haven’t had the opportunity to talk to. It could be for any amount of time — it’s not like you’re going to have to commute. Take that time, repurpose it to spend with a potential connection, and strengthen that relationship.
  3. Hold a webinar. If you’re a subject matter expert, or at least you know something about the field that you’re in, there’s a real potential for you to set up a webinar. Aside from just educating one-offs, there’s an opportunity to teach people on a more massive scale. This serves to prove that you are an expert and can add value to partners and prospective clients. Give general advice, and have interested parties come to you when they need questions answered specific to your business.
  4. Meetings are easy. I like to say “Two is a couple, three is a trio, and four is a networking group.” There might be some overlap, but find people whose personalities would mesh together, or whose businesses are complementary. Put together a Zoom call, go around the room, and open up a dialogue to see where opportunities might come from.
  5. Write a blog, make a video. Potential clients are looking for individuals who are engaged in their industry’s current events. The best way to show your expertise is through informative, substance-rich blogs and videos. 
  6. Remember your soft skills. Go back to the basics and reach out to people. “How are you? How’s your family? What’s going on? How’s your business?” Of course given the current state of the world, be cautious using this method, make sure to consider where we may “find” people these days.
  7. Zoom brings strangers together, too. There is an ample supply of networking meetings to choose from. Join one and go to a meeting. 

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